Rig completion and upgrade

AS Nymo have excellent weather protected harbor conditions both in Grimstad and Eydehavn. The Eydehavn yard has in addition seaway entrance suitable for arrival of large floating offshore units. Both sites are equipped with good mooring facilities for safe certified conditions. The sites are certified for international ship traffic in accordance with ISPS rules.

Our Eydehavn yard has excellent harbor facilities to accommodate large floating units. The site has been used for several mobilizations for vessel to offshore construction jobs.

Our company is well equipped for flexible vessel allocation by having 3 quays measuring 240 m of quay fronts with depth 8 - 10 m. In addition neighboring official quays are offered. The details are:


  • Seaway entrance, 25 m depth and 150 m width
  • Quay dimensions, 150 m length and 10 m depth
  • Mooring bollard capacity, 4 x 200 MT, 8 x 50 MT
  • Sea bottom outside the quay is prepared for safe jacking of jack up platforms


  • Seaway entrance, 10 m depth and 80 m width
  • Quay dimensions, Quay 1. 130 m length and 8,5 m depth Quay 2. 60 m length and 8 m depth
  • Mooring bollard capacity, 4 x 75 MT, 10 x 50 MT

Both sites are equipped with comprehensive services like electricity, water lightening etc.

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