Eydehavn Yard

The site at Eydehavn was previously an aluminium plant. It was rebuilt as steel construction and shipyard in 1975. AS Nymo took over the site in 1991.

The facilities today comprise main assembly hall 60x30x24m (LxWxH), with 200- and 50- tonne overhead cranes for integration testing of subsea systems, miscellaneous halls for prefabrication and assembly, and sandblasting and painting shops. The 200-tonne crane also serves the outdoor area and reaches 10.5 m outside the quay front for load-out purposes. In addition, the site is equipped with a 25x20m seabed platform at a depth of 10.5 m for shallow water testing and also ground transportation facilities of up to 250 tonnes.

The indoor and outdoor fabrication area is 10,000 m2  and 15,000 m2  respectively of the site's total area of 60,000 m2.

The Eydehavn yard is located in sheltered water with a minimum of 25 m water depth in the sailing route to open sea, and 10m water depth at the 150 m quay front. The distance to open sea is short and without any restriction to vessel or rig sizes.

The yard has a seabed foundation for testing of jack-up rigs.

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