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NODE - A world leading cluster in mechatronics

GCE NODE is a business cluster of more than 50 companies within the oil and gas sector in southern Norway. The NODE cluster has been awarded the distinction of being named a Norwegian GCE (Global Centre of Expertise).


NODE - A world leading cluster in mechatronics from Kjell Hulløen on Vimeo.

The offshore industry in southern Norway represents a strong industrial environment. A high level of intercompany competition, interaction with demanding oil and gas clients as well as strict governmental requirements have resulted in the fact that several of the companies have gained a unique market position in each of their segments.

The participating companies provide everything from readymade platform solutions to high-tech equipment onboard platforms and ships, and their customer lists includes rig owners as well as oil and shipping companies located all over the world.

NODE’s vision is to assist in assuring that the oil and gas industry in southern Norway will maintain its globally leading position regardless of outside competition.

NODE and the University of Agder co-operates closely on mechantonics and together we have an ambition to stay in the leading edge.

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